About the Australian Paintball Industry Association

The Australian Paintball Industry Association, the APIA, that was formed in 2006 to represent the paintball industry on a national level when dealing with government agencies and the general public. The association aims are to provide detailed and correct information to the various Government agencies for the purpose of improving the legal standing of paintball equipment and the running of paintball games Australia wide.

The association objectives are:

  1. To facilitate a greater understanding of the paintball industry in Australia
  2. To standardize the industry rules and regulations throughout Australia
  3. To help promote growth in the paintball industry in Australia

The APIA also seeks to work in conjunction with existing state bodies and to encourage the establishment of state industry bodies in those states that do not have one. Whilst we have already made great inroads into better legislation across this country, we still have a very long way to go. We must strive for uniform rules across the whole of Australia.

Not only should it be legal to play Paintball in all states and territories of Australia, but issues such as the age of play to private ownership should be identical as well. Even simple things such as the use of paintball guns licensed to one approved field being able to be used at another approved field in the event of say, a big campaign game should be possible.

Our goals are for regulations and laws that are more sensible and in line with paintball regulations in other counties, like New Zealand, Canada, USA, and throughout Asia and Europe. It is only in China and Australia that paintball guns are even considered a firearm. In every other country in the world there is either no age restriction or is it only as low as 10 years of age to play. The Australian Paintball Industry is severely handicapped by overzealous laws and red tape. This is our goal to try and reduce this unneeded bureaucracy whilst at all times maintaining the excellent safety record of our industry.
The association will also be there to help its members in the event of malicious or unfounded bad publicity or overzealous and uninformed local authorities. It is hoped through a national, united front the paintball industry can work to give all of us a long future in the sport we all love.

Membership cost only $100.00 Annually and is open to all paintball related businesses in Australia.
The membership fees are used by the association for any other costs such as newspaper advertising, website management and changes, and any other promotional work including putting together reports for Government bodies to help improve paintball laws. Peter Russell President\Treasurer Australian Paintball Industry Association says “With the current climate of change, now is the time for a strong united industry.”

The Australian Paintball Industry Association has been an effective tool needed to ensure the voice of the paintball industry in Australia\NSW is heard at all levels of Government. Your voice is needed to ensure this happens!