WE DID IT – Paintball laws in NSW due to change soon

Finally, it is official, and we can release some great news!

From the NSW Government.

Hi Michael

As discussed, the NSW Cabinet met on 22 March 2018 and approved the model we submitted to revolutionise the industry.

Key message:

• The NSW government has agreed to modernise the regulatory structure and reduce red tape for the paintball industry, while maintaining robust public safety controls.
• The Government intends to introduce legislation in 2018-19 which will give effect to the new regulatory scheme.
• Under the new scheme, responsibility for regulating the industry will transfer from NSW Police to the Department of Finance, Service and Innovation (DFSI). There is expected to be a reduction in the minimum age for players and streamlining of the permit system. Consumer protection and community safety remain two of the highest priorities for the government and these considerations underpin any legislative changes.
• It will take some time after the legislation passes the NSW Parliament to commence the new regulatory scheme – DFSI will need to put in place to the new IT infrastructure to support the scheme, and venues will need to ensure that public liability insurance, working with children checks and work health and safety systems are updated to prepare for these changes.
• DFSI looks forward to continuing to work with industry during the transition phase.

in summation….
Major changes in point form

  1. Paintball guns will be moved from NSW Police to the Department of Finance, Service and Innovation (DFSI).
  2. Paintball Guns will longer be classified as a Prohibited Firearm or even any type of firearm, rather it will be defined as a “Paintball Gun”.
  3. Age will be reduced to 12 to play paintball (18 to purchase paintball gun will remain).
  4. Online licensing for fields and private persons. New Paintball Safety course instead of irrelevant firearms safety course.
  5. Streamlining of the processes.
  6. Fields can buy and sell guns.
  7. Sensible storage and transportations laws (no more cat 2 Pistol safes).

Pew Pew Pew Life.

This latest struggle has been a 5 year battle!

It will be a few months before all of these changes become law. But we are finally over the biggest hurdle.

Special thanks to Robert Borsak of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party for helping make this happen in the first place and to my local member Ray Williams MP and his wonderful assistant June L Belkovskis for getting this over the line with the NSW Cabinet.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

Michael Whybrew
APIA President